Q: How am I going to be saving money with ATS?

A: Implementing an A.T.S. Synthetic Turf System is an investment that supports substantial maintenance and irrigation savings over an extended period of time. With a product life expectancy beyond 10+ years, an A.T.S. Synthetic Turf System adds a significant value to your pocket and your environment. Especially when you look at the costs associated with a natural real grass lawn, such as watering, mowing, weeding, edging, fertilizing, and toxic pesticides. You’ll find that our synthetic surfaces actually pays for its self sooner than you think.

Q: If I purchase synthetic turf from A.T.S., how do I receive my order?

A:  Our national freight delivery service will deliver your material to the shipping address provided, typically within 3-4 days.  Shipping rates vary depending on the type of product selected, square footage needed, and destination.

Q: Where can ATS Artificial Turf Grass be installed?

A: Anywhere! You can install A.T.S. artificial turf grass around all types of obstacles and areas where natural grass can’t grow including; desert areas and extreme cold climates. Our turf comes in 15-foot widths that can easily be cut to fit any size or shape.

Q: I have several dogs; will they damage or destroy the turf?

A: No, our extremely durable, pet friendly PAWS Series of artificial turf grass was created with your pet in mind; specifically designed and engineered for pets use. PAWS Series of artificial turf is the most attractive way to maintain a pleasant and safe environment for you and your pets.