ATS – Paws for pet friendly applications

Our PAWS series, created with your pet in mind, is specifically designed and engineered for pets use.

ATS uses a special blend of Polyethylene and Nylon, making it practically impossible to stain or discolor.

You and your dog will find our PAWS artificial turf grass to be soft and enjoyable to run and play on. Your dogs will readily “do their business” outside just as if it were natural grass.

No more dirty paws or “too-muddy” to play days. And, no days when the dogs can’t play on the lawn because you’ve just fertilized or applied weed killer. Also, no more reprimanding for digging up the lawn since your dogs will find it hard to dig through the artificial grass.

Our PAWS artificial turf grass is permeable. Urine simply drains through and any feces can be removed easily. All without doing any harm to the artificial turf grass fibers.

Luscious green all year round offering a safe, clean and odor-free environment for you, your dog and your family to enjoy.